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Federal Law And Supreme Court Precedent Trumps State Law In Section 1983 Case

Recently, in Baxter-Knutson v. Brandt, et al, a case where the Plaintiff alleges that jail and medical staff at the Stearns County Jail were deliberately indifferent to inmate Kyle Baxter-Jensen’s medical needs, U.S. District Court Judge Ann Montgomery denied the medical staff defendants’ motion for summary judgment.  The defendants had moved for dismissal claiming the case was governed by a three-year statute of limitation.  However, in the 11 page opinion, Judge Montgomery cited federal law and Supreme Court and 8th Circuit opinions, when she held the actions alleged by Baxter-Knutson are governed by a six-year statute of limitation.  Further, Judge Montgomery explained that the claims against the jail and medical staff defendants are § 1983 federal law claims that are not subject to state statutes such as the affidavit requirement for medical malpractice claims

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