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Gbbs Partners Robert Bennett And Ryan Vettleson Settle Police Brutality Suit Against Minneapolis Officer

Robert Bennett and Ryan Vettleson recently settled an excessive force case against Minneapolis Police Officer Tyrone Barze on behalf of Madelyn Milton.  Ms. Milton and three friends, all of whom are in professional or graduate school, got in a dispute with a cab driver.  Officer Barze responded to the scene and ended up macing one of Milton’s friends, detaining the other two, and then taking Milton’s cell phone while she attempted to record the incident.  Milton told the officer he could not take her phone and began to walk after him when he turned and struck her in the head.  Milton fell backwards and struck the back of her head on the pavement, causing a significant injury.  Officer Barze initially left Milton unconscious and bleeding in the street while he detained the woman that he had previously maced.  Barze then called an ambulance for Milton.

Milton was charged with obstructing justice with force, but all charges were continued for dismissal and ultimately dismissed.  This suit allowed Milton to vindicate her civil rights and prove she did nothing wrong.  The defendants’ settlement early on in the litigation, prior to engaging in discovery, confirms that Milton was wronged.  The case settled for a total of $82,000.

If you would like to know more about police misconduct or any of the issues in this blog, you can contact Ryan Vettleson, Partner at Gaskins Bennett Birrell Schupp LLP with any questions:  bio, linkedIn.